15 useless facts about Detroit you can use to impress out-of-towners (or not)


Detroit: Everybody thinks they know it, but chances are at least one or two bits of obscure trivia have escaped even the oldest longtime resident. Maybe it's because for a city of its size it punches above its weight. At its peak, it was larger than Phoenix, San Antonio, or Dallas. It's older than Albuquerque, N.M., Baltimore, Md., and St. Petersburg, Russia. When it boomed, it attracted people from all over the world, adding to its complexity. When it busted, as it often did, it sent a diaspora of Detroiters streaming all over. Scratch 10 famous Americans and you'll find at least one from Detroit. So if you want to know just that much more trivia, much of it useless, about our fair city, click onward, reader. Click onward.