This vertical Franklin Michigan home designed by Sigmund Blum is a modernist’s wild dream — and it keeps dropping in price


We're getting closer and closer to being able to afford this historic home designed by legendary Detroit-area architect, Sigmund Blum, as his personal residence. Blum, who died in 2018 at the age of 92, left behind the “Blum House,” which was originally listed for $1.7 million following his death. The historically recognized 3,840-square-foot home is now just $999k.

Blum, whose award-winning designs include the First Federal Building, Detroit Metropolitan Airport Terminal, James H. Whiting Auditorium, Kresge Headquarters, and U-M Dental School, also landed his personal residence on the cover of a 1972 edition of Architectural Record  — and we can see why.

With three beds and four baths, the home feels more like a museum with its dramatic overhangs, vertical drops, and balconies. Oversized picture windows and thoughtfully placed skylights fill the home with light no matter the weather. The home is virtually a blank slate, ready for your 20-year-old Ikea bookshelves and chic TJ Maxx finds.  But if you're someone who likes to, you know, wander your home aimlessly in the buff, you might want to consider investing in some window treatments — or not, depending on what you're into.

This home is listed through Kes Miskinis.