This custom $849k house in Grosse Pointe is a time capsule of 1976 — let’s take a tour


Look beyond the aged and stained plush carpeting in shades of peach and citrus and allow yourself to fall down the rabbit hole of preserved 1970s home design as displayed in this Grosse Pointe home. Like a gift that keeps giving, this $849,000 Grosse Pointe colonial-style time capsule boasts four beds, five baths, across 5,004 square feet and features a whole lot of wallpaper, extensive use of crown molding, and delightful retro surprises at every turn. Take, for example, the orange carpeted spiral staircase upon entry. Well, actually there are multiple orange carpeted winding staircases, and if that's not enough orange carpeting, look no further than the slightly sunken living room which is basically a fuzzy ocean of orange. Above? Well, an orange carpeted catwalk overlooking the living room with ceilings so high they needed two sets of drapes for the windows. Though we're not sure if the house comes with the custom drapery which matches the carpet (sorry) we would be hard-pressed to color match textiles as masterfully as this home's owner has done in almost every room. From the vintage floral tiles, striped wallpaper, candy-colored Formica, incredible light fixtures, a library, several walk-in closets, multiple full kitchens, and a lush and private backyard to hide from the world in, and, let's be honest, maybe hide from some of the orange carpeting, this home is that '70s house. Whoever buys this gem be sure to invite us over for a fondue/key party, would ya?

This home is listed by Alex Lucido of Lucido Real Estate.