This $799.9k historic Romanesque Michigan mansion boasts eight fireplaces — let’s tour


It should come as no surprise that a home built for the president of the Round Oak Stove Company would feature eight toasty fireplaces, some of which are made with stunning Italian marble, onyx, and hand-painted tiles. What we can't understand is how this historic 9,939-square-foot mansion and carriage house in Dowagiac with 14 bedrooms, 11 baths, a ballroom, and a whole lot of charm is only $799,900.

Commonly referred to as The Rockery, this Romanesque mansion was built in 1898 for Katie and Fred Lee, and boy, does it scream 1898 with a sprinkling of retro time capsule goodness with plenty of wallpaper moments. The property, which sits on a 2.4-acre lot, is surrounded by a 3-foot high stone wall constructed from locally harvested uncut fieldstones.

The interior, however, is hella woody, with intricated woodwork and handcrafted floor-to-ceiling details crafted from oak, maple, mahogany, and butternut. Several of the main areas feature inlaid and parquet flooring. Among the home's other details, it's got five stone chimneys reaching over 40-feet high, a red tile roof, two turrets, and copper eaves.

So, this is why the price tag seems super low. It's basically an income property.

The home, including the carriage house, has a total of 11 one-bedroom apartment units, per the listing, but could be converted back into a single-family home with 10 bedrooms, 7 baths, and a ballroom on the third floor.

We always wanted to be a landlord...

This home is listed by David Springsteen of Cressy & Everett Real Estate