This 145-year-old house in Manistee has a shagadelic carpet situation


Yeah, baby, yeah. Shag me, baby, shagadelic. Get in my belly. Oh, behave. If you're someone who frequently references the comedic masterpiece that is the Austin Powers trilogy, this house might make you randy.

OK — so this house is not a throwback to the '60s but to 1876, which might be your bag if you find Ulysses S. Grant sexy or like inventions like the telephone. Anyway, for $475,000, this Gothic Victorian estate which sits on 4 acres in Manistee could be your next shag pad.

Custom built by millionaire lumbar baron Golden Filer ( We love golllllllld ... eh?) the historic home offers 7 bedrooms, 3 baths, and a whopping 6,513 sq. ft. of living space, including the home's 3 bedrooms, 2 bathroom guesthouse, workshop, and carriage barn. In addition to a curved staircase, stained glass windows, German marble fireplaces, wood parquet flooring, bay windows, and ornate ceiling detail, this house has a shag carpet situation. We're talking carpeted bathrooms, red plush in the dining room, avocado green in the sitting room.

This house is made for people who have boots made for walking but will politely take those boots off as to not disrespect the fine carpeting situation. Carpet aside, the home features architectural details that may not be as bright and bold as, say, a multi-colored blue shag in the bedroom. Such features include built-in storage, exposed brick detail, high ceilings, and some groovy wallpaper.

This home is listed by Marjorie Zaccanell of RE/MAX Bayshore Manistee.