This $1.65 million Clarkston mansion has a garage with a turntable


You know when you're a kid and the teacher asks you what you want to be when you grow up but you don't know so you say “astronaut ballerina fireman?” Well, take that same indecisiveness and apply it to home design and you might have this 6,578-square-foot home in Clarkston.

Built in 1996, this home is very 1996. With 5 bedrooms and 7 bathrooms (but why?) the Devins Ridge mansion is described as an “exquisite country French chateau” and has made some design choices that target a very specific buyer. (We hope they like floral sinks, textured walls, and noodle pillars that scream “when you're here, you're family!”) The home, which sits on two acres in Clarkston's Bridge Valley Estates development and features a 13-foot limestone fireplace in the grand hall, red oak plan flooring in the foyer, a workout room, a culinary kitchen (so, a kitchen?), and has a whopping 7 patios and verandas (would that be verandi?) , also sits on a wooded parcel that is home to two ponds and a stream. The real kicker, though, is what the home offers for a real car lover: a six-car carriage house, which is separate from the home's attached three-car garage. The carriage house has a brick floor and a 16-foot turntable to feature your finest ride (no Hummers, please) and has upper guest quarters where you could probably fit another two cars if the nine spaces weren't enough.

This home is being sold by owner. More info can be found at its Zillow listing here