This $1.2 million home in Bruce Twp. is basically ‘The Sopranos’ house with a better basement


Madon! Grab a plate of gabagool or some of Karen Bacala's famous baked ziti, because this house in Bruce, Michigan is giving Big Pussy energy, er, we mean, big Soprano energy. (R.I.P. Big Puss!)

Erected in 1996 — three whole years before The Sopranos would premiere on HBO — this custom-built house was a glimpse into the refined elegance of the Soprano clan, save for, of course, A.J.'s nu metal-themed bedroom. Anyway, this 4 bedroom, 3.5 bath home spans 3,447 square feet is on the market for $1,229,000, or, like, 35,000 lapdances from the ladies at Bada Bing!

The comparisons to the Soprano home starts with the driveway where, we can imagine, the head of the household and/or bath robe-wearing crime boss, might walk down each morning to retrieve the daily paper and scope the street for unmarked cars.

Though Mrs. Soprano — the incomparable Carmela — preferred blond wood when it came to much of her kitchen's cabinetry, this home's open kitchen boasts the same warm and inviting vibes fit for an Italian feast or a helping of familial drama, betrayal, and deceit. The great room, too, channels the Soprano's great room, complete with a focal wall with a fireplace, and high ceilings. But of all the rooms, it is the master bedroom and bath that scream Tony and Carmela's love den and, well, the place where they did a fair share of arguing about Tony's gaggle of Goomahs.

OK — we know what you're thinking. This house doesn't even have a pool where Tony, er, prospective buyers, can, you know, have a mental breakdown over a bunch of ducks. Well, this home is actually situated on a private 2.5-acre parcel with access to a river because, you see, this house is at end of a cul-de-sac and we suspect there are, at times, ducks. So, call up Dr. Melfi — and maybe your real estate agent — before Paulie Walnuts gives you something to quack about.

This home is listed by Tom Zibowski and Real Estate One.