These before and after photos reveal how much Detroit has changed


For decades, Detroit has been America's underdog. The city has scrapped and fought its way through racialized urban planning during white flight, deindustrialization, and a massive recession. Through all of this, at times, Detroit has been down – but never out.  Just five years after the city filed for Chapter 9 bankruptcy in 2013, the city is looking more robust than it has in decades.

That's not to say that redevelopment doesn't come with a cost, however. Housing prices are increasing while blight spreads, gentrification is displacing lower-income populations, and some shady corporate deals are giving corporations the upper hand over public interests.

But looking back, is it worth it? We may not know for years to come, but for now we can at least look back and admire the changes with these Detroit before and after photos.

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