The 50 most popular songs on Spotify in Detroit that aren’t trending anywhere else


Thanks to its ability to collect data, Spotify has a handle on precisely what music is popular in specific cities around the globe — and which songs aren't getting listened to anywhere else. The streaming service created an interactive map to let users drill down into ranked playlists that are unique to nearly 1,000 cities across the globe, comparing data on each city's most popular songs against how many plays those songs received elsewhere in the world.

Detroit was one of the cities in Spotify's mapping project, so we rounded up its 50 top plays that are unique to our city. Unsurprisingly, the playlist is hip-hop-centric, with local artists like Doughboyz Cashout, Sada Baby, Blade Icewood, Eastside Chedda Boyz, Icewear Vezzo, Dex Osama, and others represented. Flip through and see if your own playlist contributed to Detroit's unique plays, or listen to the full 100-track Spotify playlist for Detroit here.