The 25 best sushi restaurants for takeout in metro Detroit, according to Yelp!


Listen, no one looks cute eating sushi, but that's part of the experience — along with dropping a loaded piece of Volcano roll messily into the perfect mix of soy sauce and eye-watering wasabi before unlocking your jaw to make sure every delicious bit of sauce and crunchy stove makes it in one bite. Though Michigan is not a sushi hotspot (we're more into freshwater, ya dig?), we know our sushi and like most things, everyone has a favorite spot that they want to scream it from the mountain tops about because metro Detroiters have a way of letting their feelings be known. Well, thankfully Yelp! is here to help guide our indecisive stomachs with the colorful experiences of those who lived — and ate — to tell the tale. These are the best places for sushi takeout, according to Yelp! users. (Oh, and no, we have no friggin' idea as to how Noble Fish failed to crack the top 25, but... maybe we'll Yelp! about it.)