The 20 best vegan-friendly takeout spots and bakeries in Detroit, according to Yelp


What's the deal with vegan food? And why is it so damn good? It might be hard to believe that, given Detroit's thirst for blood (we're talking about coney dogs and pepperoni-covered Detroit-style pizza, duh!) that the Motor City is actually a haven for vegetarians and vegans as well, with many of the area's popular restaurants extending their menu offerings to accommodate those leaf-eating, tofu-devouring, totally seitan-ic folks. And, not to call our vegan friends out, but they certainly do have strong opinions when it comes to a restaurant's vegan menu options, which they absolutely take to Yelp to dish about. Whether they're gushing about just how moist a vegan brownie was or raving about the perfect vegan pho broth, vegans know what's up when it comes to the must-try meat-and-dairy free spots in the city. Hungry yet? Here are some of Yelp users' favorite vegan takeout spots for sweet and savory goods. If you don't agree with this list, you know what you must do: Yelp awaits.