Social media responds to metro Detroit’s historic flooding


We know that April showers bring May flowers but what the eff does June flooding bring other than awareness of our country's crumbling infrastructure? Torrential rain ravaged the metro Detroit area on Friday, June 26, leaving much of Detroit, Hamtramck, and Dearborn underwater, including major freeways. Though Gov. Gretchen Whitmer issued a State of Emergency while residents await resources, they continue to clean up the flood's destruction which has left many without power. Naturally, social media became a source of commiseration, safety information (like, don't swim in the flooded highway waters you disgusting freaks!), unbelievable videos, and yes, gut-busting memes because sometimes you just have to laugh it off, you know after you've cleaned the human shit off your basement floor.

Detroiters can call 313-267-8000 for damage claim info and report water damage to the Detroit Water & Sewage Department. Online claims can be made here. The State of Michigan has some non-emergency aid info here