Photos from the National School Walkout Day protest at Cass Technical High School


Thousands of Cass Technical High School students gathered for a march and rally on March 14 as part of National School Walkout Day, a nationwide network of student protests. Students waved hand-crafted signs as they marched around Temple Street and Second Street with messages like “Are We Next?” and “Thoughts and Prayers Don’t Save Our Lives, Gun Control Will.” After the march, students gathered on the steps of the school’s south entrance for a rally. A small group of student organizers took to the microphone, voicing their concerns over gun violence in schools as well as their communities. 

Photos by Miriam Marini

Anthony Spak is an editorial intern with the Metro Times and a recent graduate of Oakland University’s journalism program.

Miriam Marini is an editorial intern with the Metro Times. She is a sophomore at Wayne State University studying journalism and women’s studies.