Our favorite lyrics from Beyoncé’s stunning new album Lemonade


ICYMI, Beyoncé released her highly-anticipated and absolutely gorgeous album Lemonade on Saturday night. Accompanying the new album was a special HBO event, the visual version of the album. The short film is a music video for every song, plus some poetry written by the incomparable Warsan Shire and gorgeous visual shots and cinematography. The songs are a whirlwind of emotions, ranging from abandonment, rage, infidelity, and of course, love.

The album brings in major speculation that Jay-Z cheated on Beyoncé (we know, how is that even possible), but the album is so much more than that. It not only calls out her husband in the most righteous way ever, but it’s about a woman taking control over a shitty situation and standing up for herself. This whole thing could have easily been a huge tabloid story, covers of magazines, and countless interviews with the media. Instead, Beyoncé took control of her own narrative and transformed her grief and situation into beautiful and stunning art.

Here are some of our favorite lyrics from the new album. Some for just sheer fierceness, others because they’re beautiful lines of poetry that are far too relatable. You can stream the entire album + visual album on Tidal, or purchase it on iTunes.

By Jack Roskopp, all photos via Beyoncé, Instagram.

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