Everything we saw at the Chvrches show at Royal Oak Music Theatre


Scottish band Chvrches graced Royal Oak Music Theatre last night to a packed house cheering and dancing the entire night. Donna Missal opened up the show with a fine set of songs that quickly got the crowd warmed up. I’m sure she gained a few fans, including me, after belting out a wonderful cover of Radiohead’s "Fake Plastic Trees."

Chvrches hasn’t played here (well, really anywhere) for the past few years, so this tour is a big welcome back to a band that continues to build on their explosion of shimmering synth-pop. Backed by a light show that ranged from chilly strobes to near blinding brights, Chvrches played a set that highlighted songs from their latest album Screen Violence, as well as many older favorites. Singer Lauren Mayberry captivated the audience with an endless burst of energy and brilliance, playing heavily on the slasher movie themes that are hinted on many of their recent songs. She stunned the audience when she went full “final girl” with a bit or “Carrie” thrown in, coming out covered in blood for the last few songs. The crowd response was overwhelming, with hands in the air and cheering the entire set. Nights like this remind us why we go to shows in the first place, to see dazzling sights, hear spectacular music, and most of all to be entertained.


Photos by Mike Pfeiffer

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