Calling all plant parents — this Franklin home has a solarium for all your leaf-bearing children


While people claim that millennials have killed many things, like shitty chain restaurants, the dairy industry, napkins, divorce, fabric softener, and blood diamonds, one thing they've kept alive is plants! Well, so, millennials are also failing to reproduce like rabbits, er, we mean, like other generations, because they're not selfish assholes who know damn well the Earth is dying and the world is burning so all we have are plants, OK?! While you're at it, leave Britney alone!!!!

Now that we got that out of our system, take a look at this delightfully kooky house in Franklin for $749,900, the perfect place to raise your ferns, succulents, palm, and fig tree children. Built in 1958, this 3,978-square-foot home boasts four bedrooms, five bathrooms, and sits on a lushly landscaped plot of land and even has a dang fountain in the backyard. In addition to a massive kitchen with a granite island, fancy cook 'n' vent range, sub-zero fridge, double oven, and a walk-in pantry, it is the sunlit dining room that is the real snack. Oh, there's a wet bar, too, because why be dry when you can be wet? Anyway, the living room has a gorgeous fireplace and, also on the first floor, a friggin' solarium for your leafy spawn to reach their fullest potential. There's a master bedroom that has a funky little sitting area on a platform overlooking the grounds that could easily accommodate a stripper pole, or two, or more plants, after all isn't that where the magic happens?

This home is listed by Carl Cohen of KW Luxury Homes International.