All the naughty folks we saw at Krampus Night at Detroit’s Tangent Gallery


Each year, while hordes of people get into the holiday spirit with their caroling and goofy sweaters and fa-la-la-la bullshit, there's another, much darker celebration afoot. Thanks to some old Eastern European folklore, there's Krampusnacht or Krampus Night, during which a horned demon beast abducts naughty children and whips them with branches. In other words, a much harsher punishment than a lump of coal in a stocking. Anyway, Krampus Night has been honored in Detroit for 9 years, and this year the event was held at Tangent Gallery on Dec. 6 with special guest GRiZ. Each year's festivities serve as a charity toy drive as well as a supply drive for Burners Without Borders.


Photos by Mike Pfeiffer