A 420 gift guide for metro Detroit’s canna-curious and canna-sseurs


Extreme sports. Brain surgery. Beating The Nameless King in Dark Souls 3. What do these things have in common? They all require knowledge, skill, and patience, otherwise someone could end up dead or, like, video game dead. Consuming marijuana could be added to that list, but without the whole dying thing, because thankfully you cannot overdose on marijuana. However, you can have some pretty unpleasant experiences if you’re, well, not all that experienced.

That's why for this 4/20 we decided to highlight a few major categories of cannabis consumption and give some recreational recommendations for the weed newb — or those who may be canna-curious — and the varsity user, or as we like to call them, canna-sseurs. For some, dabbling in weed means training wheels (low-THC strains, easy-to-use consumption tools, and edibles that won't give you a panic attack), while others may be ready to graduate from the Stoner Academy to take on some potent strains, heavy-hitting treats, and complex devices to get their smoke on. (RELATED: The 420 Issue)