Everything we ate at Bella’s in Southwest Detroit


Bella's offers eight guisados, or stews, of various forms of beef, pork, chicken, and goat. Guisado al pastor, for example, is an almost sweet treatment of pork which uses orange juice and pineapples. The dish turns a friendly orange with achiote.

For breakfast you may ask for pancakes with eggs or chorizo. I got chilaquiles, which means different dishes in different states of Mexico. In Jalisco, it's squishy — you start with crisp corn chips and soften them by cooking with broth, garlic, a little egg, and green or red salsa. Cheese goes on top, and crema makes a pleasing garnish.

Bella's also serves $1.50 tacos, of course ($2 if for some unaccountable reason you want a flour tortilla). Tortas and sandwiches on bolillos are $5.50 and served with tomato, lettuce, jalapeño, avocado, and crema.

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All photos by Tom Perkins.

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