8 Winter IPAs to drink in Michigan right now


This week, the holy grail of all hoppy beers is set to drop in Michigan. As they do every year, beer drinkers across the state will be lining up for a taste of Bell's Hopslam. But while its annual release was once a strictly local phenomenon, Hopslam mania has now gone global. Once it hits shelves in the Midwest, the race is on to get the beer to such far flung locales as Southern California and New York City, while still at its freshest, most optimal condition.

In addition to shifting our collective palates towards hop-forward beers, the release of Hopslam has also made the colder months a sort of unofficial IPA season in Michigan. The craft beer arms race to create the most bitter brew is on — here is our list of the best winter-release IPAs available in Michigan right now. (By Adam Woodhead, photos by Picture Box Media)

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