44 metro Detroit gifts to help make you a hero this holiday season


Have you heard of this shop local thing? Sure you have. But if you need a reminder: Supporting local businesses and makers is something you should and probably already do all year, but the holiday season is one of those times when it makes extra sense for both parties. Instead of delivering a sale-rack something or other from Target to your loved one, you can deliver something unique to make your loved one feel, well, loved. On the other side of the token, those holiday dollars you’re spending go directly toward the livelihoods of artisans and owners that are doing business right here in metro Detroit.

In that vein, we’ve rounded up a whole mess of our favorite local wares and services and once-in-a-lifetime experiences to help you deliver something righteous during the holidays. They range from accessories to handmade crafts and arts, from big ol’ beds that’ll keep you comfy this winter and the rest of the year and for many years to come to brushes with celebrities, from food to music, from gift certificates your pals will love to use later to physical things you can shove under the tree. Enjoy.

By MT Staff