40 restaurants that opened in metro Detroit suburbs this year


It's been a tough year for the restaurant industry. Due to the pandemic, more than one-third of Michigan restaurants may not be able to keep their doors or kitchens open. But there are those who, pandemic be damned, managed to make their restaurant dreams come true by opening new eateries, bakeries, coffee shops, and gastropubs despite a crisis, many of which are in the suburbs. Some opened just before COVID-19 hit, others forged ahead with impossible timelines, and some said, fuck it — build it and feed the people and they will come. The only way these new ballsy businesses will thrive in 2021 is if we give them a shot via their curbside, takeout, and delivery options. Who knows, your new favorite restaurant might just be nestled in this list of all the restaurants (that we know of) that opened in metro Detroit suburbs in 2020.