30 essential Detroit area sandwich shops you should have tried by now


Let's be real: We've never met a sandwich we didn't like.

In fact, our personal nutritional pyramid is made up of 65% sandwich and/or sandwich material and condiments. No, but really. Like, if we had a final meal — be it death row, apocalypse, or another four years of Trump (we'd prefer the death row/apocalypse, please) — it would be a sandwich from one of these 30 essential metro Detroit sandwich shops. Would we choose a pastrami and rye from one of the area's beloved and classic Jewish delicatessens? Or a Moroccan-spiced chicken sandwich? What about some sort of breakfast-on-a-bagel situation? Well, hopefully, we have some time before we have to select a final meal but for now, we don't have to pick just one. Follow your heart, dreams, and hunger pangs. And grab some antacid while you're at it!