25 things we can’t wait to do in Detroit once the pandemic is over


Eight months later and very little has changed since the 'rona busted into our lives like an unemployed ex. (Did we mention we're back with our unemployed ex?) Well, actually, things might be gearing up to be worse than they were before, and though we've become pretty used to the whole not-leaving-the-house thing, it's getting old. And sad. Old, sad, and downright depressing. Never have we related to something more than when Blink-182's Tom DeLonge wails “Where are you?” on the band's 2003 emo ballad “Miss You” because, well, dammit, we miss life B.C. — life before coronavirus. Simple pleasures and grievances all make our list of things we miss as we wait out this pandemic. Hopefully, all of these things and more will return to our agendas once, well, you know. For now, though, let's get nostalgic about the future, shall we?