25 ice cream spots in the Detroit area you should have tried by now


The existential dread you're feeling? Well, while we may not be able to fill the void of uncertainty, but we can suggest a solution: ice cream.

We know what you're thinking: how can a delicious frozen, sprinkle-covered, chocolate-dipped confectionary treat provide clarity so that we may live a healthier, more zen AF life? While not all of these questions have answers, we do have 25 essential metro Detroit ice cream, frozen custard, and totally out there frozen concoctions to freeze your wandering mind and your woes. For the traditionalists, there's homemade ice cream and custard in classic flavors. For those looking to step it up a notch, you know, true anarchy, there's liquid nitrogen ice cream or totally wild flavors, like margarita, lavender, and green tea. Then, for the maximalist, there's sky-high, totally stacked Frankenstein-style treats, loaded with cereal, pastry, churros, and, in one case, a cone made out of a doughnut. Vegans, you can get your lick on, too, as many of these spots offer dairy-free ice cream and sorbet options. Dig in.