24 of the most haunted places in metro Detroit to scare your pants off


There's a lot to be fearful of in 2020. For starters, the 24-hour news cycle, sushi burritos, people that say “melk” instead of “milk,” and literally any iteration of The Real Housewives franchise. But here in metro Detroit, something more sinister looms. Ghosts, anyone? We're talking music venues, bars, museums, old asylums, and even statues that are said to be haunted. We're talking creaking stairs; doors and windows opening without human intervention; moaning, crying, and howling coming from all directions; foul odors, and old ghost cops pelting visitors with rocks. In other words, some seriously spooky shit. While not everyone believes in ghosts, who some believe are spirits that have unfinished business on this plane of existence, but stick a non-believer alone in Westland's former Eloise Psychiatric Asylum with nothing but a flashlight and we bet they'll change their tune... to a scream. These are but a few of the Detroit area's most haunted spots. Happy haunting?