20 things to do and see in the Detroit area before it gets insanely cold out


Not to use an overused quote from a TV show that is now off the air, which was used in an overused and now stale meme format, but winter is, in fact, coming. It's coming for all of us in Michigan, and while, at times, snow can be enjoyable, we must remember the Seasonal Affective Disorder that is in our very near future. But not all hope is lost. Decent weather is here to stay a bit longer, and goddamnit, and we are going to enjoy every fleeting moment as if it were the last time we are going to be able to leave the house because, oh yeah, this will be Michigan's first COVID-19 winter. Anyway, there are plenty of things you can do before it gets insanely cold out. Many of the following activities are outdoors but some require a warm state of mind and/or heart, while others are ice cream. That's it. One of these slides is literally “eat ice cream.” Excuse us, as it has been a long year, folks. Creativity is drying up just like a pair of chapped, winter-kissed lips. If we can't get out and enjoy the final throes of fall, that doesn't mean you shouldn't. We're fine here. In front of our computers. Everything is fine.