20 socially distant things to do in the Detroit area when it’s hot AF outside


We're feeling it too, fam. It's hot. We're sick of our spouses, houses, and despite having subscriptions to every single streaming service, there's nothing we want to watch and we're sick of that, too.

While social distancing — and mask-wearing — are vital practices to ensure we don't have to be dealing with this shit next summer, there's plenty you can do to heat up your boring-ass life and cool down out in the world. Remember the world? There's plenty of fun to be had in it, whether it's taking a kayak ride down the Detroit River, eating all the ice cream, or, for the exhibitionist with some gas in the tank, make a reservation at a clothing-optional resort. There's also lounging in the land of the dead, too, and museums with A/C, and finding a moment of zen in a Japanese garden. These are just a few of the many ways to spend your sticky, sweaty, socially distanced summer in and around the city, where, for the most part, clothing is mandatory. No, seriously. You'll get arrested and or land yourself on a list that will make it pretty difficult to leave the house.