20 Detroit area bars and restaurants serving boozy frozen beverages to beat the heat


In Michigan, during what feels like an eternity of hopelessly cold and grey weather, we grow wearier and wearier with each salt-stained puffy parka, every car battery failure, and every snowfall that makes the most benign errand into an epic saga of inconvenience. We crave Vitamin D, sleeveless tops, and being able to drink frosty beverages without looking like a total freak. Well, good news, folks. It's fucking hot again. That's right, it's practically summer and our frizzy, humidity-fried hair is proof that it is officially time to chill out. Thankfully, metro Detroit restaurants and bars know how to cool us down and light us up with boozy slushies and milkshakes. Pack some Lactaid, brace yourself for the inevitable brain freeze, and do your best to push the following fact to the back of your brain: Autumn is just 104 days away. Cheers!