17 low-key beaches within driving distance of Detroit to responsibly escape to


Despite all our rage, we're still just rats in a cage — and we're breaking out, baby. But not so fast.

Just because some of our restrictions have loosened up state-wide doesn't mean we should overwhelm some of Michigan's most beautiful beaches and hidden natural getaways.

Yes, these 17 beaches are open, but they will only stay open if we the people behave ourselves. In other words, continue to practice social distancing and if you see a place that appears crowded maybe, like, don't go there? It's actually pretty easy. It comes down to common sense, loving thy neighbor, and shaking off some of the collective anxiety, crippling depression, and those crusty-ass sweat pants you've been wearing for 60+ days.

Keep in mind that some of these state parks and beach fronts have restricted access to camping, lodging, restrooms, and other amenities. However, state park recreation areas, trails, boating access sites, forests, and other public land remain, well, public. These spots may also have their own staff to better assist you and your family in having the safest possible outing, so feel free to give them a shout (from six feet away, duh) if you're worried.

Other than that, get your feet wet. You, er, we, deserve it.