15 Detroit-area karaoke nights for when you’re feeling like a star


Did Daisuke Inoue know that when he invented the karaoke machine in 1971 that he had created a monster? Suddenly people who were told they couldn't carry a tune or hold a note now had the power of the microphone and an audience. A cacophony of shrill warbling from someone attempting to hit those Whitney Houston highs and the guttural wails of someone going full Axl Rose ... karaoke is a goddamn beautiful thing.

Maybe you view public singing as an opportunity to tell the world (and your ex) how you really feel, or perhaps those singing lessons have been paying off and you're looking to show off. Hell, even if it's your worst nightmare at least this list can help you to avoid a run-in with a dreaded karaoke joint. At any rate, metro Detroit's karaoke scene is a loud and proud playground.