10 signs you’ve dated a Detroit fuckboy


Ahh, the Fuckboy. A term coined by millennials, but the meaning has been around for ages. For those who are unaware of what classifies a Fuckboy, look no further. He’s the guy that texts you "u up?" at 4:15am as if that's a time many people are in fact awake. He doesn't have a license, let alone his own ride, but somehow finds a way to pop up at every party, every concert, all the festivals, and seems to always be driving somewhere in his Instagram selfies. He actually uses the phrase “Netflix and chill?” in a non-ironic way. He thinks women want pictures of his dick so he has a lot of them stored in his phone "just in case." In Detroit, Fuckboys can run a the gamut from spoiled bros who are just a little too dirty to land in the Bro category to that one dude in the neighborhood that everyone knows ain't about shit (but yet somehow continues to pull chicks). No one actually likes them, but somehow they're always around. You probably have a dick pic in your phone from one right now.

Think you might know one but aren't sure? Concerned you're actually a Fuckboy? Well, have no fear, here are some tell tale signs that a person may be a Detroit Fuckboy.