10 Other Countries to go to School in


Every year here in the United States, hundreds of thousands of kids will leave home and head out towards their next great adventure…college. It doesn’t really sink in to the head of the teen that while they are out having the time of their lives, they are racking up an obscene amount of student debt that they will likely not pay off until they are old and gray, or at all if they take more than the four years to finish.  With University prices skyrocketing year after year—currently sitting at an average of about $9000 for an in-state four-year institution and more than $20,000 out-of-state according to College Board— signing for a school loan is equivalent to signing away your soul, and nothing, not even bankruptcy, can wipe out that debt.

When applying to colleges, avoid the bone-crushing, soul-shattering college debt. Consider getting a quality education while studying abroad in some of these countries… where your education does not cost your arm, leg and first-born child.