10 of the best beards in Detroit


Forget strip mall barber shops staffed by women in skimpy outfits and decorated with big screen TVs blaring SportsCenter. Those places wouldn’t know what to do with a proper hipster beard!

Fortunately, Detroit has a proper solution for men with epic whiskers on their minds. Vintage barber shops and men’s grooming companies are as plentiful as potholes in the spring, helping to aid the resurgence of the beard as artistic self-expression.

Even with the closing of Proper Beard in Midtown last year (cuz $50 shaves? Really?), other area shops like The Social Club Grooming Co., Standard Barber Shop, and of course, the iconic Sam's Barber Shop are bringing the old-fashioned barber shop vibe to Detroit, right down to the mid-century barber chairs and straight razors sharpened on a leather strop.

The Detroit beard scene also has everything it takes to keep that unapologetically unkempt bristle looking good between trims. Leave-in conditioners and styling products designed specifically for beards are available from Beard Balm, Detroit Beard Collective, and Detroit Grooming Co. And to ensure not a single hair is out of place, Burton & Levy sells handmade beard and mustache combs.

So whether you have peach fuzz and high hopes or a bushy beard worthy of the Circus of Whiskers, Detroit is sure to keep you lookin’ good.

Need some inspiration? Here’s 10 guys worthy of beard-envy.

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